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Marketing Strategy

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Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing
  • Marketing that exists online
  • Utilizes digital channels to connect with prospective and current customers
  • Employs tactics to engage with customers online
  • Uses digital assets to attract customers
  • Taps free and paid digital channels to drive brand awareness and lead generation
Why use digital marketing
  • Cost effective method of marketing and advertising
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Reach and engage with customers 
  • Build and maintain customer trust
  • Increase customer retention
  • Define niche
  • Comprehensive understanding of audience
  • Competitor research
  • Strategic business goals
  • Appropriate digital marketing action plan
  • Up to date, user-friendly website
  • Active social media accounts
  • Relevant content consistently delivered
  • Search Engine Optimization Strategy
  • Prolific promotion
Aspects of digital marketing
  • Digital devices
  • Digital platforms
  • Digital media
  • Digital data
  • Digital technology

About Lori Pyne

Founder, Pyne Digital

Lori Pyne is a certified digital marketing specialist.

Companies & People I’ve Worked With


Lori Pyne is detailed and dependable. As a small business owner I appreciate working with someone who is self directed. Lori is that person. She get’s it! She has a knack for finding the gaps and filling them, which helps me sleep better at night. She is an asset.

Matt Daniell
Matt Daniell

Acquisitions & Operations, RMD Homebuyers

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CEO, Monarch Inc.